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shell-coolant lubricants


Making the right coolant choice for you

Coolants are designed to protect engines from overheating and protect the cooling system from damage caused by corrosion, scaling and sediment build-up.

However, the use of poor-quality coolants can cause heat transfer problems and corrosion, which may result in expensive breakdowns and parts failures. High-quality coolants prevent this damage, keeping your vehicle on the road and out of the workshop.

coolants lubricants
mechanic-wearing-gloves-fixing-an-engine lubricants

Why choose Shell coolants

Shell coolants are formulated to exceed the engine performance requirements for vehicles of all shapes and sizes, from city cars to mining machines.

They help to reduce the cost of vehicle ownership by providing:

  • Outstanding heat transfer to prevent overheating

  • Excellent cooling system protection against freezing

  • Long service life to reduce the need for costly maintenance

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